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Oh Captain! Our Captain!

An Iker Casillas Community... for Spain's and Real Madrid's #1!

Real Madrid & Spain's #1
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Iker Casillas
Born in Madrid in 1981, Casillas' entire career has been spent with his hometown club, whom he joined as an eight-year old.

Part of the Spanish teams which won the UEFA-CAF Meridian Cup and FIFA World Youth Championship in 1999, his breakthrough year came in 1999/2000, when he replaced the injured Bodo Illgner and played in Madrid's UEFA Champions League triumph in an all-Spanish final against Valencia CF where his senior team mates Raúl González, Fernando Morientes and Steve McManaman scored in a 3-0 win.

Still only a youngster in goalkeeping terms, Iker Casillas has none the less gained a huge reputation in European football. A shot-stopper par excellence, the Real Madrid player is gradually developing the commanding presence in his area which could yet see him become an all-time great.

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